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Grazer Kunstverein moves to the airwaves.
Edward Clydesdale Thomson
18.9.2021, 8pm




Join us for the final event in our speculative feasibility study, as we digest and critically dissect the project Grazer Kunstverein is moving! Originally conceived as a year-long expanded public program, which would see the Kunstverein temporarily relocate to each of the 17 districts of Graz, the project was transformed and stretched by an extraordinary year and unprecedented circumstances. Through the lens of an expert mediator, the team of Grazer Kunstverein will discuss key elements of the program, reflecting upon what worked and what failed, to consider what was gained or lost in the process. With an emphasis on the artistic strategies that were introduced by the artists with whom we worked, we will try to articulate what we learned, what surprised us, and what legacy the project might have in terms of the future, and future potential locations, of Grazer Kunstverein.
Panel participants include lead artist Edward Clydesdale Thomson (in Rotterdam), artistic director Kate Strain (in Wicklow) and as the Graz-based team of Tanja Gurke, Verena Borecky and Ahmad Darkhabani. The discussion will be recorded for radio broadcast by Lale Rodgarkia-Dara and the team at Radio Helsinki, to be aired on 18 September 2021 at 8pm. Click here for the radio broadcast.