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Grazer Kunstverein moves to Grazer Urwald
Lukas Meßner
Messendorfberg 61, 8042 Graz
from 21
May 2021
(St. Peter)

Lukas Meßner has conceived a group of works for the “Grazer Urwald”, a partly overgrown forest area in St. Peter, which up until the beginning of the 20th century was used as a tree nursery for imported plants. These works are partly based on a certain typology of information board, typically used for structuring and mediating a certain kind of “forest knowledge”. Together with other works, mingling between the taxonomic name tags in the forest, those will be accessible on location over the course of the whole year. For more information and a map please click here.
Grazer Urwald is private property of Naturschutzjugend Styria, access is permitted until revoked.

Lukas Meßner is an artist working between Vienna and Rotterdam. In his practice he currently focuses on forms of enclosure and passage as encountered in everyday surroundings. Stemming from an interest in the continuous negotiation of boundaries, the work manifests through assemblages and environments reminiscent of various public infrastructures. He graduated from Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, in 2016, and from Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam, in 2020, where he also co-initiated the errant project space digestivo.