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In order to document and reflect on our project Grazer Kunstverein is moving!, creative engagements with text were commissioned in addition to video documentations by The Schubidu Quartet. Bettina Landl and Christoph Szalay chose two differing text forms that allow a deeper engagement with the idea of moving and transferring and thereby expand the project in two different directions..

Text artist Bettina Landl (*1985 Graz, lives in Graz) chose physical sensations as a starting point and vehicle for her textual exploration of three selected projects: Puntigam, St. Peter, and Andritz.
The texts are available for download in the form of the publication and can additionally be listened to as read by Jacob Banigan.
Christoph Szalay's (*1987 Graz, lives in Bad Ischl) poetry cycle "Imaginary Runs" accompanies the lyrical I continuously through all districts of Graz and combines direct sensations with personal memories and historical details.
The poetry cycle is available for download. Selected texts can be listened to in this short video produced by Christoph Szalay.